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Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles
Brief product description

Foxx Life Sciences’ Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles are an excellent replacements for glass HPLC containers, and are ideal for applications involving liquid aspiration, cell harvesting, and degasification. They combine maximum ease of use and versatility, with the highest level of strength and durability. HD vacuum bottles also passed the requirements of FDA and USP Class VI Standards to guarantee the quality of your assets.


• Available Sizes: 1 to 4 litres
• Material of construction: HDPE, Polypropylene, EZclear® PETG, and Polycarbonate
• Molded in graduation marks certified to ±5% accuracy
• Benefits
• Bottle material and volume are molded into the side of the bottle for easy identification
• Thick walls that can hold near full vacuum for 24 hours


• Liquid aspiration
• Cell harvesting
• Degasification