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Brief product description

ALLpaQ® Cleanroom bioprocess containers have been developed to meet the market desire for a competitively priced basic solution for specific use within a cleanroom environment. ALLpaQ Cleanroom bioprocess containers enhance storage capacity within controlled environments
Hygienically designed Cleanroom containers fold for efficient storage with open access to the drain tubes. Smooth sides make for ease of cleaning and validation.


• Standard sizes: 50, 100, 200, 250, 500, 600 & 1000L
• Foldable for storage
• Great accessibility for cleaning
• Smooth surfaces inhibit bacterial growth
• Enhances sustainability


Hygienically designed to be cost effective, functional and versatile, the containers are fold-able for efficient storage with open access to the drain tubes for ease of operation. Cleanroom bioprocess containers come in a range of customisable sizes. Bioprocess container custom options, include:
Screen printing to side panels


• Cleanroom
• Laboratories
• Cleanroom units are typically used with a 3D Single Use bag
Please not that for longer transit or shipping applications we recommend the ALLpaQ Genesis range of containers.