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CYLINDRAFlow™ Manifolds
Brief product description

Nordson Medical have introduced the first all-in-one manifold for pharmaceutical and single-use biopharmaceutical fluid transfer applications. The revolutionary design of this patent-pending, compact fitting not only saves space, but also simplifies use and assembly. With five ports available in one component, gone are the many leak points found in traditional stopcock and Y connector manifolds.


• Can accommodate up to 5 fluid lines
• Flow restricted to one port at a time
• No pressure drop as fluid moves around and through the ports
• Intuitive push-to-turn flow selector
• Easier to use and fewer leak points than stopcock and Y connector manifolds
• Materials meet USP Class VI & ISO 10993 criteria
• Gamma radiation stable
• Can be daisy chained for additional ports
• Arrows to provide a clear indication of how to turn the flow selector and which port is in use
• Etched data code for easy access to product resources and material information


Ideal for downstream processing, multiple bags can easily be filled from one large bag. Flow is consistent as it travels around the inner body of the part, maintaining a steady pressure. The large flow selector is effortless to turn, and the lock-in-place feature gives you assurance that you are utilizing the desired port.


Ideal for downstream processing