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Needlefree Swabable Valves
Brief product description

Nordson Medical offer a cost efficient needlefree swabable valve series, featuring higher flow rates, low priming volumes, and a straight through design for unobstructed flow. Designed for the injection and aspiration of fluids, particularly for flushing and drainage systems, pharma, and disposable biopharm, the hermetic septum seal reduces the risk of biofilm formation and contamination in an industry where infection is a particular concern. These valves are available in widely-used polycarbonate and copolyester materials, and are compatible with industry standard luer syringes and connectors.


• Female valves have a normally closed diaphragm that opens with a luer
• Low priming volume & high flow rates
• Straight through design for unobstructed flow
• Swabable & non-swabable designs
• Transparent silicone valve options available for an easily visible fluid path
• Not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP


The complimentary valved male luers are designed to attach directly to tubing during set assembly. They eliminate dripping and leakage when disconnected, doing away with the need for clamps.